The Solution

Monroe County Library branch - Florida Keys, USA

The IT team at Monroe County found out about the Userful Desktop solution at a library conference, and after some testing they determined it fulfilled all the key points that they were looking for. Userful’s locked down and secure desktops create an image of the computer for patrons to work on, which is erased after each session logs out, ensuring full patron privacy. The solution’s web-based central management console, Userful Manager, allows for a more efficient system administration—instead of driving to the branch, staff now only need to log into the web-console, make the change, choose the profile—or profiles—that the change applies to. In less than 30 minutes they can push that change out to all the machines. All of this is done through the cloud and it means that from a single, remote location, staff can manage the computers on all five branches across the Monroe County Library System.

The team deployed the entire 70 stations, across all branches, with a zero client architecture that allows one PC to power up to 12 entirely independent desktops. Each of those desktops is connected to the host PC via the network. Desktop performance was a key factor in the IT department’s choice of Userful. The team had tried several different virtual desktop solutions with either Thin Clients or Zero Clients, and Userful was the only one that could play a YouTube video in fullscreen with reliability.