The Solution

When looking online for a solution that allowed them to run multiple displays from a single computer, Nick Thrasher, Media Specialist/Editor in Chief, of the Naval Aviation Museum Foundation, came across Userful’s video wall solution, and realized that this was exactly what they were looking for. Userful enables customers to drive a large and flexible number of displays over the network using just a single, standard PC. It’s got an easy to use drag-and-drop browser based control center that makes it easy to manage content.

Thrasher and his team deployed a video wall of six 55” LED displays in portrait orientation. They are all powered from a single Intel Core i7 PC with 32GB of RAM located in a server room and connected via Gigabit Ethernet network. The videos they use to showcase donors are currently stored on the PC’s hard drive, though in the future they plan to incorporate web, or HTML5, content.

Thrasher loved that Userful’s solution “was simple and straightforward to set up and install, and it has proven easy to update and reconfigure with little to no maintenance at the actual display locations. Userful has operated reliably despite occasional disruptions such as network and power outages.” Equally important, Userful has brought, “significant reduction in man-hours required to deploy and maintain the video wall system, as well as in cost of hardware when compared to purchasing multiple PCs or a video wall controller.”