The Challenges

The school had only 12 computers and 1000 students. "We used to work with Windows, but after some years we only had 12 PCs working out of many, and they were simply not enough for 30 eager-to-learn kids in each daily class. We asked for help to buy new equipment, but the parents couldn't provide it due to economic reasons, and the school just didn't have the budget," said Antonio Rodriguez.

In addition, many teachers weren't using the existing lab with their students because the teachers weren't trained on how to use it effectively as a teaching tool. "Working with computers is indeed beneficial for the students and we want them to take advantage of the ICTs, but the teachers need proper training on how to use these new technologies in order to provide the right content and learning experiences. Otherwise, the computers won't be used as much as they should," said Angela González, Communications Teacher at The Manuel González Prada School.