The Solution

Towards the end of 2015, while searching for new video wall ideas, the Broadcast Unit’s Executive Director, Warren Bowles came across the Userful video wall solution and knew it was the answer: “It’s a must have,” he said and adds that once they found it, they didn’t look for any other solution--Userful delivered exactly what they were looking for.

Userful allowed the Broadcast Unit to display multiple channels through TriCaster, a multi-camera production solution for broadcasting and live streaming. Userful allowed the team to centrally manage all the screens on the system, which was a key aspect in the Broadcast Unit’s requirements. Bowles was amazed by the performance of the Userful solution, noting that “Once the system is setup, there is no render time needed”.

Bowles and his team were excited by the idea of being able to not only rotate the screen clockwise or anticlockwise, and still maintain a straight picture for the audience. Userful’s artistic video wall feature allows customers to rotate individual displays within a video wall to any angle and mix displays of different sizes and aspect ratios. Best of all customers can use any display with an HDMI connection.

For the awards’ event, the Broadcast Unit deployed 12 displays, organized in groups of three, with different layouts, spread across the stage, all powered from just one PC. Userful is able to support up to a hundred displays from a single PC. Each display gets a small zero client that has no moving parts, no processor no hard drive, no software, is in effect a network addressable video card. These devices connect back to the Userful PC over a standard network. The Userful PC does all the rendering of content ensuring flawless synchronization.

Specializing in live events, the Broadcast Unit greatly values portability in the solutions they use, and they were able to fit the Userful systems—without the displays—in a few portable road cases (one for the PC, on for the Zero Client devices, and one for the cables). The small profile of Userful’s architecture, allowed Bowles and his team to easily conceal the zero clients behind the screens and only run a single cable to the PC.