The Solution

Nick Nichols, President of Keywest Technology, learned about Userful’s network-based video wall solution through their partners, display maker Philips. After careful research and consideration, Nichols realized Userful was just what they needed.

Userful’s ability to turn a standard PC into a high performance video wall controller that delivers content over the network ensured the total solution was cost effective and met the arena’s budget requirements. Userful’s ability to support just about any content from any source meant the solution could easily support their cloud based CMS.

Userful provided the flexibility to create the initial 9-display banner video wall on portrait mode, all powered from a single standard Intel Core I7 PC. For a seamless look, Keywest chose zero-bezel 49” Philips displays. The video wall is located in highly visible area, but it was easy to conceal the small zero client devices Userful uses to connect the displays over the network to the PC.

“What I like most about Userful is its flexibility, and how it can adapt to different project’s requirements,” said Nichols. “With Userful basically we can install it once, and then simply add as many displays as we need to increase the size of the video wall. It just provides a lot of flexibility, and makes it very easy for the crew to work with.”