Why Userful?

A video wall software that is harware flexible.

Hardware Freedom

Userful video walls are not dependant on proprietary hardware giving you ultimate design freedom: any configuration grid, any screen brand and up to 100+ screens all managed through the cloud.

Flexible video wall software solution


Our video wall controller can handle as many screens as you need without having to replace your equipment every time you want to scale up.

Your video wall content is secure

Cost Effective

Userful utilizes a PC and a local network to run any video wall which reduces the cost of deployment and increases reliability and security.

Video Wall software for Control Rooms and Command Centers

Command & Control Video Wall Solutions

Userful understands the complexities and high performance requirements of command and control center video walls.

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Artistic & Mosaic Video Wall management software

Artistic & Mosaic-Style Video Walls

Unique and stunning video walls that command attention do not have to be complex and costly.

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Video Wall software for Digital Signage management

Digital Signage & Video Walls

Userful works as a high performance video wall processor that supports stunning digital signage and eye catching video walls with easy to use cloud management tools for multi-location deployments.

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Personalized Features

Video Wall Software Interactivity Features Userful Interactivity features
Use a phone, tablet or desktop to switch both display content and lay out in real time or to control the mouse and keyboard of a video wall or zone.
Full Video Wall Support by Useful Zones, Multi-Window, Picture in Picture
Userful gives maximum flexibility for displaying multiple simultaneous sources.
Userful Video Wall software with Cloud Managment Cloud Management
Userful enables you to manage, control and monitor your video wall deployments from anywhere in the world.

The Challenge

EMT monitors the entire transportation system from a single command center run by a 4-inspector team. The team makes use of the city’s network of approximately 80 traffic cameras as well as proprietary cameras installed in strategic places and inside the vehicles themselves. EMT needs to be able to monitor the inside of the vehicles in real time, and switch quickly between the different feeds throughout the transportation network. Drivers can activate an alarm that automatically ensures the feed from that vehicle is monitored in the command center.

EMT needed a solution that was flexible and that could pull in multiple sources of content from the many different feeds throughout their network and quickly switch among them. They also needed something that was simple to use, that their team of inspectors could quickly learn to operate. Finally, it had to be cost effective. In the video wall market today there are a lot of solutions that are simply not in a reasonable price range.

What our Customers Say

“The system is intuitive and easy to set up. The cost is remarkably affordable for just about anybody”

Lightbound VP Chuck Reed

Dave Caruso
Project Manager at ASI

“We use it as a credibility piece with our prospects... to show our capability”

Lightbound VP Chuck Reed

Chuck Reed
VP of Operations at Lightbound

“A simple, flexible and visually impressive solution”

Kaysen Group Kyle Romeril

Kyle Romeril
GM at CMP Automotive

Award Winning Solution

Userful gets the technolugy awards 2016
Userful gets AV Awards 2015
Usureful gets the editors Target PC Award

'Rated 5/5 stars'

Userful gets Multi-Year Platinum Award 2017
Useful gets the CV Magazine Award 2016

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