The Solution

After consulting with the team at Amalie Arena, Sean Miller, Director of Technical Operations from Pro Sound, a Florida based AV Integrator that has worked in sports venues across the United States, recommended Userful Network Video Wall. The solution addresses all the arena's requirements: A cost-effective and flexible solution that allows users to create non-traditional, artistic wall layouts, with any angle rotation of individual displays. It allows displays to be set anywhere on the image canvas ad of course supports Ultra HD 4k content. Userful is unique in that it turns a standard Core i7 PC into a video wall controller that connects to zero client devices through the network, one on each screen. Userful can display video, real-time content feeds, HTML5 and 3D graphics with very high performance. After a product demonstration that wowed the Amalie Arena team, Pro Sound proceeded with the full installation.

“One of the things we like best about Userful, besides being able to fulfill all the unique requirements of this project, is that it's a very simple solution,” said Miller, who led the deployment of the art walls, “the learning curve was about 5-10 minutes. Userful kept offering technical support, but it wasn't necessary. It's a very easy platform to use.”

Miller and the Pro Sound team deployed a total of 32 displays, a mix of 55-inch displays and 22-inch square displays, all from Samsung. The displays are distributed in 4 video walls, all strategically located throughout the arena. Each video wall is powered by a standard Core i7 PC, for better performance.