Visual Displays and Video Walls for Corporate and Office Use

Increase efficiency, engage and inform employees, enhance collaboration across the enterprise.

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Video walls for all your visual application requirements across the enterprise. It easy to deploy, manage and control networked displays

NOC, operations centers and control rooms

Security Centers, Network Operation Centers and Control rooms all need video walls to ensure situational awareness and to facilitate decision making.

Showrooms and Customer Demos

Use video walls to demonstrate products, show off features and for customer training.

Lobby displays greet customers

A unique video wall helps promote your brand and wow everyone who comes through the door.

Dashboards for real time information

Use video walls to display dashboards, KPIs and business intelligence. Ensure staff have all the data and information they need.

Meeting rooms and collaboration

Use a video wall for collaboration and for video conferencing. Ensure your team works together efficiently whether in one office or many.

How It Works

Userful's software turns a single off-the-shelf PC or Server into a high-end display and video wall controller that can drive 100s of screens over the network with no need for additional media players.

Easily display any content or source, anywhere at any time--across multiple displays and video walls anywhere in the building.

By using commercial off the shelf hardware and the network, Userful makes deployment and management simple and ensures the lowest TCO on the market.

Userful is locked down and offers industry leading security. Connect the solution to the internet to allow secure cloud management or isolate entirely and operate offline.  

Userful is secure, scalable and easy to manage solution with an industry leading TCO.


How it helps

Userful is a single platform that makes it easy to deploy high performance, flexible and secure displays and video walls for all your visual application requirements.

Displays are vital tools to help improve productivity in the information age. Networked displays and video walls ensure the flow of information, they help increase efficiency and support team collaboration and communication.

Userful makes it easy to deploy manage and control networked displays and video walls throughout the company, regardless of where they are, and of how they’re used.

Deploy Userful to drive and manage the video walls and displays in your meeting rooms, hallways, showroom floors, testing labs and in your front lobby. Use them for team communication, for data analysis, for video conferencing and to wow your customers.


  • Helps you reduce the costs and the operational burden of deploying networked displays bye eliminating the need for a media player or computer behind each display.
  • Makes it easy to display any content on any display any time. The entire solution and the sources displayed on all the screens can be controlled locally or centrally.
  • Allows you to easily scale and add more screens and visual applications as needed.
  • Ensures your solution is Secure. To learn more, download our white paper.

Trusted By Industry Leaders Worldwide

“We are very happy with the product, easy to use and manage and very price-competitive...Plus it is a very 'set it and forget it', hands-off solution”

Stephen Lee

Vice President of Tuck Technologies


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