Userful Video Wall: Digital Signage and Mirrored Content

Userful video wall mirrored content feature

One of the benefits of the Userful platform is that it empowers a single PC or server to support a broad variety of display types. One server can support both touch screen kiosks and desktops or can support both a video wall and individual digital signs.

Userful makes the deployment of high performance digital signs simple, flexible and easy to manage. A zero client on the back of each digital sign connects it to the central server or PC that runs the entire network of displays. That PC is easily managed through a browser based control center. Customers can use a broad variety of content from one of several integrated Content Management System players to live, real time content captured from external HDMI sources, content streamed from the network or stored on the hard drive.

The same server that supports the digital signs can also support a video wall. Userful’s mirror feature allows admins to synch all displays and any video walls run from that server to show the same content at the same time regardless of aspect ratio or size of displays.

With Userful, a standard Core i7 PC can support a large number of displays playing different content streams.

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