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Userful's Buyer's Guide for replacing AV with IT: Simplify infrastructure, reduce support overhead and increase ROI Ebook

Buyer's Guide PDF

Buyer’s Guide For Replacing AV With IT

This guide is designed for IT professionals who need to deploy visual display applications of any kind.

Understand that AV is slowly moving into being in control of the IT department. For decades, specialized hardware has dominated the AV industry as there was no other efficient way to handle multiple content sources to multiple screens.

What can you find inside?

This guide covers why AV departments are being tasked with AV applications, what is standards-based AV over IP, and key solution considerations.

This Buyer's Guide includes the following:

  • Why IT departments are being Tasked with Audio-Visual Applications
  • Deliver AV content and applications across all departments
  • Solutions use IP but not all are IT
  • Advice to Buyers