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Visualization Tools to Improve Quality of Service & Patient Outcomes

Healthcare providers are charged with delivering services of the highest quality and continually improving patient outcomes. In recent years, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought a clear focus to the complexities and challenges healthcare organizations face in achieving this goal. Unprecedented levels of human illness have forced healthcare systems to juggle financial pressures, supply chain disruptions, human resource, and capacity challenges while still striving for the highest quality of service and improved patient outcomes.

What can you find inside?

Userful’s Visual Networking Platform supports decision making, managing capacity challenges, and patient flow at Major Canadian Health Care System

This Ebook includes the following:

  • Alberta Health Services Use Case #1: Public signage
  • Alberta Health Services Use Case #2: Dashboards for Executive Decision Making
  • Alberta Health Services Use Case #3: Mission Critical Operation Centers
  • Alberta Health Services Sample Use Case #4: Data analysis and data visualization