Common Questions About Userful

Our goal at Userful is to make your experience with us a great one.  We know you may have some questions as to how Userful works and what you need to get started.  Here are some common questions and answers.
What Is the Control Center?
The Control Center is a browser-based management portal used to configure video wall and monitor displays. Its feature include: 
  • Station Mapping
  • Configuring Video Walls
  • Network Management
  • Display settings
  • Station access controlVirtual Machines
  • New package installation and updates
  • License management and access to support
What host PC/servers are compatible with Userful?
Why does Userful recommend only Intel ® 4th generation Haswell based host PC/server for its software?
Does Userful require constant Internet connection? Can an Internet connection be over wireless network or cellular modems?
Do I need to hire any expert to setup Userful?
When do I need an Nvidia Offload Card?
What kind of content can I play on a video wall?
What types of integrated signage players can we run on the server (without any external media players or HDMI capture cards)?
Does your solution support multiple HDMI capture cards? What is the upper limit on the number of simultaneous inputs?
How do I configure my video wall?
Can I arrange my displays in an overlapping configuration?
How should I optimize content for an ultra-wide video-wall (e.g., 1x7 or 1x10)?
What are the different audio output options for the video wall solution?
Can I make multiple content sources accessible from my video wall?
Can you split / subdivide individual displays into smaller zones?
How can I use input devices such as a keyboard and mouse with the video wall?
Can I use different displays (sizes and aspect ratios) within the mosaic-style (artistic) video wall (e.g., creating a heterogenous video wall)?