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Free Green Computers For Schools And Homes On Earth Day

CALGARY, AB - April 20, 2010 --
Userful Corporation, the worldwide leader in multiseat Linux virtual desktops, today announced a "Green Your School" giveaway in celebration of the 40th anniversary of Earth Day. Userful is giving away 10 Userful Multiplier™ licenses (hardware not included) to the first school in every country of the world to contact Userful and sign up to claim them* with the goal of helping schools improve student-to-computer ratios, and reduce their eco footprints at the same time. Qualifying schools will have the opportunity to try an evaluation version of the as yet unreleased Userful Multiplier V.3.8. Userful is also giving away a free-2-user version of their software for home use. In 2009 Userful's software that turns one PC into 10 saved over 200,000 tonnes of CO2, the equivalent of taking more than 35,000 cars off the road, or planting 50,000 acres of trees!

Desktop computers sit idle while we check our e-mail, surf the web, or type a document. Userful's shared resource computing software leverages this excess computing power to create an environmentally efficient alternative to traditional desktop computing. Up to 10 users can work independently on a single computer at the same time, each with their own monitor, keyboard, mouse, and applications.

"Our customers in education have made it clear that to achieve higher computer access to student ratios in the classroom, schools need more affordable computing solutions that are easy to manage and use," said Bev Gallagher, VP Strategic Partnerships at Userful. "Through our Green Your School giveaway, schools will be able to deploy extremely low-cost computers that are just that - easy to manage and use, with the added benefit of lowering their environmental footprint at the same time."

More than 30,000 schools around the world have already deployed over half a million seats of Userful Multiplier, and are experiencing firsthand the benefits this affordable solution can provide. With lower initial hardware costs, and savings in ongoing electricity and maintenance costs, schools can expand access to more students for the same budget, or have money left over to spend on other classroom technology. Using open source software, teachers can establish a flexible computing experience tailored to the needs of the class. Students can work on individual projects, while finding, using and sharing information effectively, enhancing their productivity and learning experience. All this can be done in the classroom, as well as a lab, since Userful Multiplier was designed for nontechnical professionals to set up and manage.

Userful's shared resource computing has additional earth-friendly benefits. Electronic waste is an increasing problem globally due to the quick obsolescence of electronics. This is compounded by the fact that computer waste is high in many toxic materials such as heavy metals and flame-retardant plastics, which easily leach into ground water and bio-accumulate. Using Userful solutions can reduce electronic waste by up to 80%, further decreasing its environmental footprint.

Education institutions are invited to contact Userful for their free licenses at +1.403.289.2177 Ext. 795, or e-mail info@userful.com. Userful Multiplier licenses must be activated by September 1, 2010. More details on the promotion are available at: green-pcs/free-school-computers

Need an extra PC around the house? Userful is also giving away a free-2-user version of its software for personal use that gives you a second computer for free! This is the perfect way to reduce line-ups for the computer as spouses, parents and children battle for a turn.

"The free two-user giveaway doubles the utility and value of your existing computer with minimal cost," said Gallagher, "In fact, if you already have an extra monitor and keyboard, it's like getting a free computer."

The free two-user licenses distributed under this promotion enable users with an extra video card (or a dual-head video card) to add an extra workstation by simply plugging in a spare monitor, USB keyboard and mouse. Thousands of users have obtained free two-user licenses and information about the promotion from: products/downloads/free-2-user

About Userful:

Userful Corporation is the world's leading Linux Desktop Virtualization company with millions of users in over 100 countries. The company's software which turns 1 computer into 10 lowers desktop computing costs, improves manageability, and reduces both electricity consumption and e-waste. Userful's software is sold through a partner network of resellers and OEMs worldwide. Privately held and founded in 1999, Userful launched their flagship product in 2002, and has since sold over 750,000 seats. To learn more about Userful, visit: userful.com

Calculations based on electricity generated at 1.55lbs CO2 per kWh; 11,560lbs CO2 per car per year; and 8,060lbs CO2 per acre of trees per year.

* Userful Multiplier licenses must be activated by September 1, 2010. Limit of 1 school per country. Offer available only to new customers. For a full list of conditions visit: green-pcs/free-school-computers

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