How does Userful get such high performance off a single PC?

Userful video wall controller diagram

Userful is a complete software platform that installs on a bare metal PC and will format the hard drive. It is built from the ground up to maximize the power and performance of a single PC. Userful software uses not just the CPU but also the GPU and not only does it use the onboard GPU, but also supports the addition of supported Nvidia video cards.

By maximizing use of the CPU, the onboard GPU and additional GPU’s slotted into the PC, Userful maximizes the performance of a single PC and is able to deliver amazing results: up to 6k source content and video walls of up to 60 displays.

Another important factor in Userful’s ability to deploy such large video walls from a single PC is its use of zero clients and the network. Zero clients have no processor, no memory or even software running on them. As a result, Userful maximizes efficiency, centralizing the video processing onto one server or PC. The zero clients are essentially network addressable video cards which allows Userful to leverage the scalability of the network: customers can add as many video outputs as they need - up to 60 screens on a single video wall.

If you want to learn more, download our white paper for a deeper dive into the solution.