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Userful Desktop™ for Education

The Easy Way To Manage Classroom Computers

Userful's Desktop being used at school

Userful Desktop provides a complete education platform that is a feature rich, yet tightly controlled environment for students & teachers. Cloud management gives administrators direct control over the functionality and settings on all student desktops. Deployment wide, all desktops are kept identical and all are easily controlled through a simple online administrator interface. Administrators have access to usage and performance statistics. No Linux or IT expertise is required to manage a fleet of student desktop computers with Userful Desktop for Education.

Userful Desktop comes as a single install DVD that will work on just about every type of computer including zero clients, desktops, laptops and netbooks, even refurbished computers. Userful Multiplatform comes built-in, meaning computers can easily be multiplied into many workstations, just by adding keyboards, monitors and mice.

Meeting Students' Needs: Not Just a PC but an Education Desktop

  • Students can access content and applications according to their age and educational level
  • At the end of every session, the desktop resets itself automatically
  • Students cannot change settings or install applications
  • Each students personal log-in can be enforced
  • Administrator can customize applications, look and feel, content access, and browsing permissions for an age specific computing experience

Perfect for Teachers

  • Integrated Classroom Control and Monitoring tool enables teachers to:
    • View Students' monitors
    • Send messages to students
    • Log out a user and more
  • Stations are locked down and virus free
  • No Linux or IT expertise is required
  • Userful Support can remotely access computers to diagnose and troubleshoot stations, minimizing wait time for IT

A Complete Solution for School Administrators

Userful Desktop is locked down and secure:

  • Students can't add or remove programs or change settings
  • Userful Desktops stay up to date and return to correct configuration after each logout

Reduces Maintenance burden

Userful Desktop is designed specifically to be easy to administer without extensive IT experience or resources. With Userful Manager, our web based management site, anyone can manage a fleet of computers.

  • Customize the entire look, feel, and functionality of each station
  • Run usage reports to understand computer usage
  • Use Internet Filters - rules can be set by classroom, school, district, or even country-wide

Userful Desktop comprehensive support provides worry free computing

  • Linux based, so virus free
  • Updates and patches are automatically pushed out for the system and ALL end user applications
  • No need to hire technical staff with Linux expertise; all administration done through easy to use cloud-based portal.