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Userful Zero Client Computing: Desktop Virtualization for Everyone

Twice the speed of Thin Clients and less than Half the Cost

Userful software supports high-performance low-cost Zero clients from companies like HP, ViewSonic and Acer. With Userful's Multiplatform virtualization solution installed on a PC or server, customers can deploy any operating system desktop to the zero client devices.

  • Windows XP
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Linux
  • RDP
  • Browser only "Cloud" Desktop
  • Citrix Reciever
  • VMWare View


Userful offers a simplified point and click Virtualization solution to bring TCO savings to organizations who have not previously had the manpower or IT infrastructure to deploy thin clients or VDI solutions.


Benefits & Features

  • Reduce hardware cost and complexity with increased benefit: True Zero Client gives you highest performance and lowest cost devices on the market.
  • Reduce expensive licensing costs: Deploy Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) without requiring expensive Citrix and VMWare licenses; but easily tie into VDI or terminal services infrastructure that already exists using RDP/Citrix/VMWare View protocols
  • Save 100s of hours of IT time, cost & headaches: Anyone can set up and manage a fleet of desktop computers or endpoints, easily. Adding stations is simple, just plug and play.
  • Upfront cost savings in hardware: Turn 1 PC into 20+ computing stations connected through zero clients via Ethernet or USB. Fewer maintenance tasks, and fewer cables and electrical outlets.
  • No Hardware vendor lock-in: Unlike Panologic or NComputing which use their own proprietary hardware, Userful solution works with zero clients made by HP, ACER, Viewsonic, ATrust, and many others.
  • High Performance: Less than half the cost of conventional thin clients, the zero client devices powered by Userful Multiplatform offer a richer and more responsive user experience, including flawless playback of 20+ simultaneous full screen 720p video streams from a single standard PC.
  • Independent stations located anywhere: Users can work simultaneously on different applications from the same host computer, and be located at multiple places within the network (LAN).
  • Significant electricity savings: Pay for the computers in power savings alone in 3 years or less, and reduce environmental heat and noise at the same time.
  • One install DVD, and add on the operating systems of your choice: Userful's install DVD bundles Linux and a Virtualization engine, add on Windows XP/7/8 images directly deliver desktops or remotely connect to existing Citrix, Microsoft, or VMWare servers.

Get started

Userful is a world leader in large scale zero client deployments. Let the Userful team help you get started with a free consultation session and webinar.

If you are planning a zero-client project please contact, toll-free (within North America) +1.866.873.9126 or International: +1.403.289.2177 or email us at:

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