Command & Control Room Video Wall Solutions

Command and control centers provide a centralized collaborative environment for tactical planning and mission critical events. Video walls are a vital part of these projects and allow you to use visual intelligence to make informed decisions.

The Right Video Wall Solution For Your Control Room

Control room video walls for Better Visual Intelligence

Better Visual Intelligence

Enable real-time, high-resolution display of multiple sources across an array of screens simultaneously.

control room video wall for Team Colaboration

Team Collaboration

A video wall allows large groups of people to easily see the same information from several sources at once.

Make Informed Decisions with a control room video wall

Make Informed Decisions

Enable your team to quickly and easily see both the 30,000 foot view and dive into granular detail to make better decisions.

What Makes Userful Different Than Other Video Walls

Userful's software takes an off-the-shelf PC and turns it into a high-end video wall controller that drives video walls using the Local Area Network (LAN).
You get all the high-end features needed for control and command center video wall applications at the best price point.

Scalable control room video wall solutions

Fully Scalable

One PC can drive video walls of 100+ screens with virtually unlimited inputs.

Easy to Use control room Video Wall Controller

Easy to Use

Drag-and-drop browser-based management makes it easy for anyone to manage a video wall on the fly.

Cost Effective Control Room Video Wall Deployment

Cost Effective

By using an off-the-shelf PC and the network Userful keeps costs low.

Control through Cloud or Lan Control Room Video Wall Deployment

Cloud or Lan

Managed through the cloud or using the LAN. Whether you want your video wall remotely controlled through the cloud or using the LAN if your deployment has no internet access, Userful has you covered.

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Split control room video wall into zones

Zones, Multi-window and Picture-in-Picture allow display of multiple simultaneous content sources.

Make presets for your control room video wall

Preset switcher allows any operator to switch both content and lay out (Zones, Multi-window, Picture-in-picture) with a single touch on a phone or tablet.

Add interactivity to the control room video wall

Interactive viewer allows any operator to use a browser (including a smartphone) as the mouse and keyboard controller for the video wall--or for any zone within the video wall.

display multiple content source in the control room video wall

Display content from multiple real time sources including network, hard drive, HDMI or SDI capture, display desktop apps or a full screen browser.

Over the network desktop streaming in control room video walls

Desktop Streaming over the Network display multiple desktops on the video wall using the local area network.

Control room video wall with API integrations

API for deeper integration with third party applications.

Failover feature for control room video wall

Automated failover: In the rare event of a hardware failure, a second, designated back up PC will take over support of the video wall.

How it Works

How to Make a Video Wall for Control Rooms How to Make a Video Wall for Control Rooms

Make Control Rooms Cost Effective

Cost Effective Control Room Video Wall Deployement

EMT Command Center

Learn how Userful's simplicity and ability to easily switch content sources made it the perfect fit for this transportation system control center.


Cost Effective Control Room Video Wall Deployement

Lightbound Control Room

Learn how a network operations center chose Userful after looking at alternatives that were as much as five times more expensive.


Cost Effective Control Room Video Wall Deployement

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"Integration for virtual machines in the system made the solution even better for us"

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Jose Manuel Fernandez
Systems Engineer for EMT

“The Userful Video Wall is cost-effective because it can connect, unite and manage a lot of displays with a standard host PC.”

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