Video Wall Controller: PC and the Network for an easy-to-use, affordable solution

Many organizations seeking high performance video walls turn to proprietary servers or controllers. All too often the results are disappointing: a high price tag for a complicated solution that is difficult to manage and isn’t able to grow with the customer’s needs.

Userful is Different

Userful is a software solution that turns a standard off-the-shelf PC into a high-end video wall controller with great performance and unparalleled flexibility. Unlike competitors, this approach allows customers to easily upgrade and expand the solution in the future.

It includes all the high end control tools needed for a video wall controller but unlike other solutions it’s easy to use and affordable.

"Up to 100 Video Wall Displays and Up to 8k Content from a Single PC"

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Cloud-Managed Video Wall Controller

Cloud-Managed Controller

Userful software installs on an off the shelf PC and transforms it into a cloud-managed video wall controller.

Scalable Video Wall Solution


A single PC can support 100+ displays on a single or multiple video walls and stand alone displays.

Video Wall controller with limitless Resolution

Limitless Resolution

The PC can be augmented with multiple HDMI capture cards for multiple simultaneous inputs at 1080p, 4k or 8k.

A Video wall controller with unlimited content sources

Unlimited Content Sources

Display multiple simultaneous desktops and browsers locally run on the Userful PC or connect other desktops over the network to the video wall using Userful's desktop streaming.

Video wall controller to split content

Zones and Multi-window

Userful supports zones, multi-window and picture-in-picture giving ultimate flexibility in how a system displays simultaneous content on different portions of a video wall.

Easy to use video wall controller

Remote Control

Operators can use their own desktop's keyboard and mouse to control the keyboard and mouse of any application on all the screens or on a zone within the video wall.

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