Turn your DisplayLink USB device into a free PC with Userful MultiSeat Linux 2011

turn 1 pc into 2 with Userful Multiplier

Turn 1 computer into 2. For free! The Free 2-User version of Userful MultiSeat is a simple and free way to transform your DisplayLink USB docking station or zero client into an extra PC.*

Using just one computer you'll be able to support two independent users at the same time. All you need is a computer, a DisplayLink device, two monitors, 2 mice, and 2 keyboards.










Dual boot feature

Userful MultiSeat Linux 2011 can be installed in a dual boot configuration so that you can use it without overwriting or affecting your existing Windows system.

Deploy twice as many computers for the same cost

This free-2-user version is limited to 2 users, but using Userful's commercial multiseat products can create up to 10 independent workstations from a single standard PC. Userful's customers benefit from huge savings on desktop Pie Chartscomputing costs by reducing the number of computer boxes being purchased and maintained. 

  • Save up to 80% on hardware costs
  • No Windows license fees
  • Recover the cost of your computers through electricity cost savings
  • Reduce required infrastructure (power plugs, cabling, etc.) by a factor of 10

*Note: This free 2-user license is for personal use only, and limited to 1 license per customer. Userful supports the DL-125, DL-160, DL-165, DL-190, DL-195  chipsets. Not all individual devices have been tested. Please feel free to try your specific DisplayLink device and relay any feedback to: info@userful.com.