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Videowall Solutions For Every Application

Videowalls provide a large scale, high-resolution visual canvas. They can be deployed in grid formats or in unique one of a kind artistic layouts. They can be used for digital signage to attract and engage an audience, they can be used as collaborative tools in meeting rooms and control centers, or they can be used to visualize data and display multiple dashboards and information sources.

A videowall typically consists of three key elements: 1) displays and mounts, 2) videowall processor or controller and 3) the software that runs the solution.

Userful provides the second two elements: Userful software turns a standard PC into a full features, flexible and powerful videowall controller or processor that's easy to use and comes at an affordable price. Userful is agnostic when it comes to displays and mounts. We'll work with any display and mount.

Videowalls Made Easy and Affordable

Userful’s videowall software turns, a standard Intel Core i7 PC into a high performance, flexible and affordable videowall controller. No need for specialized technical expertise, and expensive proprietary hardware. The integrated intuitive browser-based configuration tool enables just about anyone to setup and configure a videowall with drag and drop ease.

Userful’s suite of control tools allow you to manage and interact with videowall displays in real time using any browser from a smartphone to a desktop. Configure multiple presets, and then switch them on the fly changing both content and layout of the videowall. Set up multi source layouts using zones, picture in picture and multi window. Interact with a videowall by taking control of the keyboard and mouse from your smartphone.

Userful’s cloud based management makes it easy to centrally manage multi site deployments, however all of Userful’s control tools can be accessed without an internet connection for maximum flexibility.

Userful compared to other videowall solutions

Userful has all the high end features customers are looking for in a videowall but two things separate it from the competition: ease of use and affordability.

Ease of Use

Userful’s simple drag and drop interface makes it easy to manage a videowall and take advantage of the solutions many features and extraordinary flexibility. The ability to use a standard PC and the network makes even very large and complicated videowalls easy to deploy and manage.

To watch a video demonstration of Userful’s features, visit our library of demo videos. Each is just 2 minutes long and the series can be watched in sequence, beginning to end or you can select from the play list and choose the videos that are of most interest.


Userful’s price point ensures your videowall project, however ambitious it may be can be fulfilled on a budget. Wondering just how cost effective Userful is? Check out our videowall price list for an instant price on your project.

With Userful you can

  • Deliver any display layout including unique one of a kind artistic walls of up to 100+ displays.
  • Display virtually unlimited simultaneous internal and external content sources from desktops to video of up to 8k source content.
  • Configure layouts in any way desired using zones, multi window or picture-in-picture across a single videowall or within a single display.
  • Control a local deployment through the local area network or manage multiple deployments in different locations over the cloud.
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Key Videowall Features

Automated Failover

Add an optional second server to ensure continuous system availability. If the main PC ever goes down, the second PC will automatically take over supporting the displays.

Mirror mode

Play the same content at the same time across multiple displays or video walls

Cloud management

Upload content and schedule pre-set changes through the cloud. Centrally manage multi-site deployments and interact and control your video wall through the cloud.

Desktop and HDMI capture

Userful supports real time software capture of local desktops. Or one or more HDMI capture cards can be added to the PC to capture multiple real time 1080p or 4k content streams.


An easy to use API to programmatically interact with Userful. Use third party devices or applications to trigger changes to content, lay out and more.

Interactive Viewer

Use any tablet, smartphone or desktop to control the mouse and keyboard of a videowall or a zone. Open up multiple browser tabs to control the mouse and keyboard of multiple zones simultaneously.

Zones, Multi window and Picture in Picture

Maximum flexibility for displaying simultaneous content streams within one videowall. Zones are groups of displays or individual displays, multi window allows you to display individual windows within one display or across displays, picture in picture supports one source as the background and one or more windows laid on top of that background.

Preset switcher

Preset multiple lay outs. Presets can be created for display or videowall connected to the PC and can be set for both content and lay out. Once the presets are created, use a phone or tablet for one-touch switches between presets.

Other types of display

The Userful PC can support stand alone digital signs, touch kiosks, or desktops to create a complete digital display solution.

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