Interactive Video Walls

Userful is the ideal interactive video wall solution with a variety of interactive features and multiple permission levels that allow administrators to grant varying degrees of control and interactivity based on the needs of their organization.

Source Switcher

  • Change content on any video wall or display with a single touch on a tablet or phone.
  • Administrators preset the content options available on a video wall or digital sign.
  • Non-admin staff can select the content they want to play from among those preset content options.
  • Ideal for any situation where administrators want to restrict what can be done on the video wall but want to give limited content control to staff.
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Preset Switcher

  • Administrators can preset options across all screens connected to one PC, and either staff or administrators can invoke those presets with a single touch on a smartphone or tablet.
  • Change all content and zones across all video walls and displays with a single touch--or change just one. Preset as many configurations as you want then play them with a single touch.

Digital Signage Application for Preset Switcher

Preset Switcher Digital Signage Application Watch Video

Remote Control Feature: Interactive Viewer

  • Admin or staff can use a phone, tablet or desktop to control interactive content on a video wall or display over the network.
  • No need to attach a mouse or keyboard to the video wall or invest in touch video wall.
  • Ideal for control rooms, or for turning a video wall into a sales tool allowing a salesperson to use the video wall to walk customers through web pages.

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