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Internet Cafe in a Box: Software Turns One Computer Into Ten

CALGARY, AB (March 17, 2005) -  Userful, leaders in public computing solutions, has released DiscoverStation Cafe, a sofware solution which quickly turns a single ordinary PC into a complete multi-user Internet Cafe.  Simply connect ten ordinary monitors and keyboards into the single central computer box.  Userful's software solution offers anyone wanting to deploy an Internet Cafe a compelling ten-to-one advantage.  Reducing the TCO by as much as ninety percent, substantial savings are also incurred due to less hardware, less shipping, less setup-time, and lower venue costs for IP address and power.  The simplicity and affordability of 1-Box Cafe makes this an ideal solution for computer suppliers in the hospitality, meetings, tradeshows, events, conventions, and computer rental industry.

Vernon Technology Solutions has been using Userful's product in their hospitality computer services business now for two years.  Mark Hawkins, Business Development Manager for Vernon, says, "DiscoverStation Cafe is a perfect fit for the hospitality industry. It's a comprehensive product and includes a lot of valuable features. We've found the ten-to-one advantage to be a strong asset in our business."  Userful's DiscoverStation Cafe can be rented through any of Vernon Technology Solutions ten offices across in North America.

This unique approach of putting ten users on one computer creates by far the fastest, simplest, and most portable way to connect visitors to the Internet.  A complete ten-user Internet cafe can be set up in as little as twenty minutes.  All ten users can simultaneously browse the Internet, send email, and run a wide variety of business and productivity software, independently, with no significant loss in performance.  Each workstation requires only a standard monitor, USB keyboard, and mouse.  This software package can transform existing PC's by adding extra video cards, or pre-packaged systems can be purchased directly from Userful.

Tim Griffin, President of Userful, states, "Our DiscoverStation Cafe provides a compelling solution for a portable Internet Cafe.  It offers substantial savings on costly service fees at venues because this unique, all-in-one appliance requires just one IP address and power drop for up to ten workstations.  With conference venues charging as much as $1000 per IP address,  DiscoverStation Cafe pays for itself very quickly."

About Userful

For the past three years, Userful has been transforming the world of desktop computing with their unique Desktop Multiplier software. Userful's innovation of turning one computer into ten has earned them the status of technology leaders in desktop computing.  With this ten-to-one advantage, Userful has gained a strong presence in the public computing market with the mission to become the dominant platform for affordable desktop computing worldwide.

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About Vernon Technology Solutions

Vernon Rentals & Leasing Inc. and Vernon Computer Leasing Inc., doing business as Vernon Technology Solutions, rents, leases, services and brokers equipment and peripherals from technology manufacturers that include Compaq, Dell, IBM, Sun Microsystems, NEC, Toshiba, Userful, Hewlett Packard, and Apple.  A recognized leader in technology financing, Vernon Technology Solutions' extensive equipment offering is made possible through the Company's authorized reseller status with tier one manufacturers.  Vernon Technology Solutions is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, with U.S. operations headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut and established facilities in major regions across North America. For more information, please visit www.vernontech.com