Get the most out of your Library’s Technology Plan

Listen to fellow Librarians share their experiences with public computing

For the past two years we have been collecting stories from our customers about their public computing challenges—and how they solved them— and compiled them in the series, Librarian-to-Librarian.

We hope this web series addresses some of your questions and challenges around public computing.  We have gained a lot of experience from many years of working closely with libraries to create an excellent public computing experience for their patrons, helping save library teams time and headaches, and maximize their budgets.  As part of this series, we are offering a 15-minute consultation to answer any questions about your public computers, virtualization in the library, tips to help you make the most of your budget, and help you build or improve on your library technology plan. 

To help you set things in motion, we have prepared a list of ten aspects that we have found libraries often neglect when preparing a technology plan. Of course, these are not the only questions you should ask yourself, but they will give definitely put you in the right direction!

10 Aspects of Public Computing to Consider when Putting Together a Great Library Technology Plan

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