Userful Manager - End of Life (EOL)

Thank you for your use of Userful Manager and the Userful Desktop Platform. Userful Desktop reached End of Life in April of 2018. Through the course of the past year, Userful has endeavored to migrate all of our Public computing customers to our new combined product. 

As of May 1st 2019, Userful Manager will no longer be available.

The new Userful platform is a fresh rewrite of Userful’s Public Computing software, incorporating all the lessons we’ve learned over the past decade. The public computing features have been in production with a number of our library customers for several months prior to this release. With our new system, and clean-slate development, we have been able to create a staff and patron interface to streamline usage.

Download the new Userful Software!

This update does require a reinstall of the Userful Visual Networking Platform.

Userful is focused on the core features required for public computing operations - like time limit management, user authentication, print control, session monitoring, etc. If you come across a feature that you feel is essential to everyday operations, please send us feedback - every suggestion is taken very seriously, and will be considered for future releases.

While we offered free personalized migration until April 30th 2019, future personalized migrations will be charged at a Quoted Rate.

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Any PCs purchased directly from Userful from January 2012 onwards, and any zero clients purchased from 2014 onwards are compatible and supported on the new platform. This includes everything from the HP Compaq 6200 (with at least 8gb of ram), to our newest systems.