Drastically Reduce Computing Costs with New Userful Multiplatform 7.1 light desktop virtualization

Businesses discover Userful Multiplatform 7.1 desktop virtualization software (VDI) to be the simplest and lowest-cost VDI solution for its many customer and employee displays

June 4, 2014 - Calgary, AB - Many small and medium businesses are commonly challenged by the high costs and complexity of deploying and maintaining all the computers needed to interact with customers and equip employees. To drastically reduce costs and simplify computer deployments that power the many displays throughout an organization, small and medium businesses in North America are turning to Userful Multiplatform desktop virtualization software (VDI).

Userful Multiplatform software, an entry-level VDI solution, is designed to be the simplest VDI solution that any small and medium business can technically and financially afford. Most VDI solutions are designed for large enterprises with skilled IT teams and big budgets. Userful Multiplatform empowers small and medium businesses, like call centers, health and medical facilities, retail stores, or any other type of service business. With Userful Multiplatform, businesses will reduce IT time through centralized management plus reduce computing hardware, software and electricity costs, often by more than 60 percent(1).

New Userful Multiplatform 7.1 now provides computing power beyond desktops to many different types displays. Small and medium businesses can not only reduce the cost of its desktops, but also add more displays, including touch screens, kiosks, digital signs and interactive displays that would have been previously unaffordable. Using the same software that powers up to twenty desktops with one central computer, businesses can also turn low-cost touch monitors or tvs into self-serve kiosks or shared computers and single or multi-panel tvs into digital signs for advertising, wayfinders, menu boards and more. Businesses can also add a SMART Board 600 or 800 interactive whiteboard or SMART LightRaise 60wi or 60wi2 interactive projector to a meeting space to increase collaboration and communication. Low-cost video wall support will be available in an upcoming release.

"Userful Multiplatform is an out of the box idea that just really clicks and makes so much sense. Why didn't someone think of this before," said Andrew Johnson, owner of AMJ Technologies, an IT support company for call centers based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. Johnson has been installing Userful Multiplatform in call centers because of it's simple set up and easy-to-use applications. "It works really well right out of the box, and it hasn't had an issue in over a year. There are no limitations to the software."

Businesses can choose to deploy one or multiple operating systems to individual displays including Microsoft™ Windows desktops or the free, integrated cloud desktop that includes a full office suite and thousands of open-source apps. The free, integrated cloud desktop is perfect for organizations that frequently use web apps, like Google Drive, Salesforce and asana, to operate its business.

Wellness MedClinics, a startup in Austin, Texas that specialises in workers compensation claims, adopted Userful Multiplatform to equip its front desk, billing, doctor offices, triage center and physical therapist office. Alejandro Aurrecoechea, Chief Technologies Officer appreciates how Userful Multiplatform makes computing efficient. "The setup means less PCs I don't have to keep on top of. The zero clients really do cut down a lot of maintenance I would have in place to make sure the machines are always optimal and up and running at their best all of the time."

The unique advantage that Userful Multiplatform provides is a simplified infrastructure. With Userful Multiplatform, businesses replace the physical computers traditionally required at each display with a central browser-appliance and low-cost zero client devices to reduce hardware costs and streamline management. The zero clients consume only 3 watts of power compared to 120 watts per traditional computer they replace, which drastically reduces electricity consumption and costs. The solution sets-up with plug and play simplicity so businesses can get started in hours, not weeks, unlike more complex VDI solutions. Even with limited IT skills, businesses can centrally manage all the displays within a local area network, including adding updates and patches, through a control app in a web browser on any device.

NEA Veterinary Clinic in Corning, Arkansas uses Userful Multiplatform to power ten displays including two desktops in the front office for the receptionists to interact with customers, and six displays in the pharmacy, lab and surgery rooms. The clinic uses the free, integrated cloud-access desktops to work with the specialized veterinary software suite, AVImark Veterinary Software System, that it relies on daily.

"It's saved us about three quarters of the overall expenditure of what we were going to pay for the total system. There weren't any computers I had to build or Microsoft licences to buy. " said Jeff Seagraves, IT Manager at NEA Veterinary Clinic. "There is not enough information about virtualization but you guys have made it easier to do than anybody, and that's why I chose Userful."

(1) The percentage of cost savings typically varies from 60 to 80 percent depending on the number of computers and Microsoft™ licenses deployed.

Supporting Quotes

"Userful is the only software that does what it can do with very simple installation. The first station I configured was up and running within a half an hour," said Andrew Johnson, owner of AMJ Technologies, an IT support company for call centers based out of Las Vegas, Nevada.

"The greatest benefit of Userful Multiplatform is the low cost of getting workstations. For the little amount of headache involved, I can say that I have saved thousands of dollars," said Alejandro Aurrecoechea, Chief Technologies Officer at Wellness MedClinics in Austin, Texas.

"I can change things on the host PC that will change on every desktop. It saves a lot of time for me, not having to work on each individual station." said Jeff Seagraves, IT manager at NEA Veterinary Clinic in Corning, Arkansas.

Pricing and Availability

Userful Multiplatform 7.1 is now available at a suggested retail price of US$199 per desktop, including the software and zero client device. Resellers looking to add a new entry-level VDI solution for their customers are invited to get in touch to learn more.

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