New Features in Userful 8.5

Userful video wall controller diagram

Userful version 8.5 has some exciting new features, chief among them Nvidia Offloading Card support. Userful now enables customers to add supported Nvidia GPU’s into their Userful PC to add extra computing power. Userful takes advantage of the power in the additional video cards to render much larger source content and support larger video walls. Nothing is plugged into the video cards, Userful is simply offloading some of the content rendering work.

Starting in version 8.5, Userful now supports video walls of up to 40 screens from a standard PC/Server, up to 60 screens from a high-end PC/Server. Userful supports 4k source content from a standard PC/Server and up to 6k source content from a high end PC/Server with custom configuration. Contact Userful for supported PC models.

This new release also brings some other key features including:

  • An embedded hypervisor enabling virtual machines to run natively on the video wall controller. This allows a wide variety of operating systems to run on the video wall and also enables multiple desktops to simultaneously run without the need for a physical computer.
  • A mirroring feature which enables perfect synchronization across both network connected displays and video walls. Shows the same video at the same time on multiple video walls and individual, stand alone displays.
  • Automated failover: a second PC on the network automatically takes over driving the video wall displays should the primary PC or server fail.

If you want to learn more, watch our 15 minute pre-recorded webinar.