Collaborate on ideas using huddle room video walls

Huddle Rooms

Empower your team with easy to use tools collaboration for small group spaces.

Use video walls as dashboards to display KPIs

Management dashboards

Display KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) from multiple dashboards and data sources, change views on the fly to keep key executives informed and ready to make decisions.

Display information on video walls during conference meetings

Meeting and conference rooms

Empower business leaders with the tools to share their ideas clearly and easily.

Use video walls as dashboards to display KPIs

Video Walls to Greet Your Customers

Eye catching artistic video walls help deliver your message and promote your brand and products when visitors come on site.

Display information on video walls to help communicate, inform and motivate your team

Corporate Communication

Digital signage is a proven way to engage an audience and deliver a message. Use displays or video walls to help communicate, inform and motivate your team.

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Ajoy Bhattacharya
Senior Director of Innovation and New Tech

“We are very happy with the product, easy to use and manage and very price-competitive...Plus it is a very 'set it and forget it', hands-off solution”

Tuck Technologies Stephen Lee

Stephen Lee
Vice President of Tuck Technologies

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