Video Walls for Workplace Collaboration and Communication

Use dashboards to display key performance indicators

Management dashboards

Display KPIs (Key Performance Indicator) from multiple dashboards and data sources, change views on the fly to keep key executives informed and ready to make decisions

Collaborate by using huddle rooms

Huddle rooms

Empower your team with easy to use tools collaboration for small group spaces

Engage business leaders with conference room video walls

Meeting and conference rooms

Empower business leaders with the tools to share their ideas clearly and easily

Use a single platform with multiple uses

Single platform for multiple uses

Corporate communication, huddle rooms and collaboration, control rooms and management dashboards. Use just one or use them all

Collaborate on ideas using huddle room video walls

Huddle Room Video Walls

Collaboration is vital in any business context. Teams need to be able to quickly and easily come together to fully capture all aspects of a challenge and collaborate on a solution. "Huddle room" is an industry term for small group collaboration spaces.

A video wall in a huddle room ensures every team member can easily see the same information from several sources at once enabling collaboration and informed decision making.

Use video walls as dashboards to display KPIs

Video Walls for Management Dashboards and KPIs

Information is the lifeblood of businesses today and executives need to be up to speed on a wide variety of rapidly changing metrics.

A video wall gives the real estate, the power and the flexibility to display multiple dashboards simultaneously, enabling individuals or small groups to keep an eye on multiple metrics and dashboards when and as needed. Multiple offices can display different dashboards or they can all be centrally controlled displaying a single uniform set of KPI’s company wide.

Display information on video walls during conference meetings

Conference Room and Meeting Room Video Walls

In conference rooms, meeting rooms, training rooms and boardrooms, video walls empower business leaders share their ideas clearly and easily. They allow team members to simultaneously display multiple sources to help unlock creativity, improve collaboration and facilitate informed decision making.

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Easily display content from variety of sources
Zones and picture in picture make it easy to display multiple sources simultaneously
User friendly interface, browser managed, cross platform
Real time interactivity
Central control via cloud, or local control at the video wall itself
Supports video walls and individual screens for corporate communication
Supports video conferencing
Includes native desktop and browser
Collaborative tools—option to enable multiple team members to control mouse and keyboard of the video wall
Option to share laptop screen
Stream multiple desktops onto the video wall in real time.