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Userful On-Premise Trial

Test Drive Userful on-Premise running on AWS

You can now do that without needing to ship in and set up physical servers by using a dedicated virtual instance running on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Test drive and experience the on-premise version of Userful with no physical setup. You can request a Userful uClient Adapter Device to connect to your own display(s). Simply power on and pair the device to your dedicated private cloud-hosted Userful instance and you’re off and running.

Risk-free trial

Complete the form below and we’ll reach out to you to learn more about your project and discuss getting you set up for this risk-free trial.

Note: Please note there are certain limitations with running on an AWS server vs an on-premise server, for example, HDMI capture sources are not possible since there would be no physical HDMI ports locally and slightly larger latency depending on your internet connection.