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Ontario Libraries Trim Power Consumption with Userful's Computer Sharing System


With recent power shortage warnings in Ontario, more companies will be looking at cost effective computing resources. Userful's 10-to-1 Advantage can reduce computer power costs by up to ninety per cent.

Calgary, Alberta (July 20, 2005) - Ontario's current struggle to supply electricity to Ontario businesses and residents outlines the necessity to streamline power consumption everywhere including the power consumed by computers province wide.

Ontario's libraries are already conserving power using innovative technology created by Userful, a Canadian Linux-based software company. Brantford Public Library, Huron County Library, and Windsor Public Library are among the many libraries across Ontario doing their part to reduce power consumption.

Userful's approach is simple. Take one computer box, add extra video cards, monitors, mice and keyboards and using Userful's software. Users share the single computer box, while working totally independently on up to 10 workstations.

"Eliminating nine PC boxes over a 3-year lifespan saves roughly 54,000 kWh of electricity of 35 tons in greenhouse gas emissions," says Tim Griffin, Userful's President. "We designed Userful's 10-to-1 product line to save costs, not only with the initial cost of purchase and continued maintenance, but for environmental reasons as well. There are so many ways to save power through innovation, and Userful is at the leading edge.?"

DiscoverStation for Libraries is just one 10-to-1 solution Userful offers in the computer marketplace. Userful's product line also includes the turnkey Userful 10-to-1 Appliance solution for other industries, such as hotels, Internet cafés, community centres and trade show organizers. For more information about Userful and its products, visit their website at www.userful.com.

About Userful

Founded in 1999, Userful's strong growth is fueled by vigorous demand for public computing and desktop Linux world wide. With offices in Calgary and Victoria and resellers around the world, Userful continues to gain momentum in a market anxious for affordable alternatives to traditional computing. Userful was recently named Alberta's 15th fastest growing company under $20 million in revenue. Userful is a privately held company.