Pixel perfect alignment using Userful's video wall designer

Userful’s video wall designer is an intuitive drag’n’drop browser interface with powerful patent-pending features to dramatically accelerate video wall setup and configuration. Interested in how easy Userful makes it to design video walls? You can try it live on our website.

Userful's artistic mosaic-style video wall being displayed at different angles.Achieving Pixel Perfect Alignment

Multi-display video-wall installations can be challenging to design, install, configure and manage. Creative multi-display installations often require different sizes and perhaps even makes of displays to be arranged in unconventional positions. The software needs to be aware of the exact positions and rotation of each display, correctly compensating for varying bezel sizes, gaps, rotation angles and monitor positions. Designers, installers and integrators all require simple yet effective tools in order to ensure pixel-perfect results, without having to go back and forth repeatedly and without making onsite installation incredibly laborious.

Particularly with complex advanced layouts it is inevitable that minor but visible differences exist between the planned and actual placement during mounting of displays. The video wall software needs to be able to quickly reconfigure, to adjust for the inevitable minor variance, between the display positioning the design called for and what the installers actually achieved.

Userful's unique interactive visual calibration approach enables pixel-perfect alignment of displays ensuring perfect output with just a few minutes of calibration. This saves an enormous amount of time for installers who can quickly mount at roughly the right angles and positions, then use the keyboard arrows to align software display positioning with the real physical mounting to the wall. Pixel perfect alignment can be achieved within minutes, with the help of a specialized alignment grid, the software output’s to the displays.

Userful's browser based video wall layout designer is the perfect solution for creating and managing an entire video wall project. The drag and drop tool lets takes you from proposal stage right through to completed installation all with an easy intuitive tool. Designers can access the tool online and build and print out proposed layouts. Installers can use these layouts to correctly mount the displays. Then after displays are mounted the installer can fine-tune alignment using test patterns to achieve pixel perfect alignment and color calibration, all using the same interface.