Video Wall Feature: Preset Remote Control

Userful Videowall Controller - Preset Remote Control Feature

Userful's preset remote control turns your smartphone, tablet, or any device with a browser into a remote control for video walls. Non-admin staff can now easily change the content displayed on the video walls with a single touch.

This feature takes interactivity on video walls to a new level. Ideal for:

  • Corporate lobbies where receptionists can now quickly and easily change content based on the events of the day.
  • Supporting salespeople in retail: staff can easily turn a video wall into a productive tool showing customers videos or other content in real time.
  • Control centers where staff need to quickly change between preset content feeds.
  • Hospitality, museums, houses of worship, auditoriums, casinos, public spaces and anywhere else that wants to empower staff to change content sources quickly and easily from preset options set by the video wall administrator.

The Preset Remote Control feature is available with the Ultimate tier of Userful.

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