Userful Delivers Affordable, Artistic Video Wall Solution at ISE 2015 trade show

Rotate individual displays of any type to calibrate eye-catching art walls in minutes with cost-effective video wall platform

May 21, 2015, Calgary, AB - Userful Corporation, an industry leader in centralized display software, is making it simple and cost effective to deploy exciting and unique artistic video walls. The Userful Video Wall includes a drag and drop, browser-based control center that allows anyone to easily configure a video wall with any angle rotation of individual displays. By leveraging standard PC hardware and zero clients, Userful provides the artistic flexibility to use any layout and any display, making art-style video walls far more cost effective.

With grid video walls becoming increasingly common, artistic video walls are in increasingly high demand as more and more businesses are looking to convey their specific brand message in an eye-catching and creative fashion. With previous art-wall approaches being built on cumbersome proprietary specialized hardware at an expensive price tag, Userful's approach relies on industry standard hardware. This dramatically reduces costs and enables customers to deliver 4k content over the network in real time to an artistic, or mosaic-style video wall. Inexpensive zero client devices at each display connect over a standard Ethernet network to a single PC that can run one or more video walls across up to twenty five displays.

With Userful Network Video Wall, each display can be individually rotated at any angle and can be placed anywhere on the canvas. The solution also supports use of a mix of different sizes and types of display as seen in this architectural video wall feature at DSE 2015.

From retail, hospitality and restaurants to museums and special events, Userful Network Video Wall allows any company looking to make a splash to quickly create remarkable artistic video walls.

Tim Griffin, founder & CTO of Userful, is thrilled about providing artistic and architectural video walls at a low cost.

"What we're doing here is bringing the the features of high-end mosaic-style video walls to conventional low-cost displays, and helping customers create a unique video wall installation for a fraction of conventional costs," Griffin said. "Other comparable video wall solutions are much more costly and are incredibly difficult to operate. Whether for grid or creative art walls, Userful video wall can help them without any complexity or extra costs."

It's simple for any business or organization to get started with a Userful Video Wall and deploy stunning digital signage. Start building your video wall online for free using Userful's online control center. For more information about the solution, or information about becoming a reseller, please contact, or call 403-289-2177, option 1.

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How Userful Network Video Wall Works