Userful announces world's first 4k Network Video Wall solution with extreme simplicity and unprecedented value coming soon

All-in-one solution eliminates traditional video wall servers stacked with specialized hardware, media players, splitters, cable extenders and more

October 28, 2014, Calgary, AB - Userful Corporation, a leading virtualization company and industry leader in low-cost network graphics technology, has announced its all-in-one 4k Network Video Wall solution that delivers extreme simplicity and scalability with unprecedented value across twenty-five displays. With conventional solutions being either exceptionally high cost or very limited in terms of resolution and flexibility, the need for a simplified, value-added solution positions the Userful 4k Network Video Wall as a transformative solution.

The Userful 4k Network Video Wall eliminates significant expense and complexity by using standard PC hardware and fully integrated software, combined with industry standard zero client player devices. It enables anyone to deploy ultra-high definition video walls with complete artistic flexibility while saving money. It replaces complex and proprietary traditional video wall servers stacked with specialized hardware, media players, splitters, cable extenders and offers much more power and flexibility than the integrated splitters found in some expensive commercial displays.

"Traditional video wall solutions with similar capabilities can cost tens of thousands of dollars and are very complex to deploy and maintain," says Tim Griffin, CTO of Userful, "The Userful solution is an exceptionally simple and affordable alternative, but it delivers fantastic performance with ultra-high definition interactive and non-interactive content."

The Userful 4k Network Video Wall can be used to create unique artistic or standard grid configurations with up to twenty-five displays of any type. It displays flawless real-time 4k and larger video, 3D, HTML5, WebGL, Flash, and interactive content. Video processing and splitting is all completed through the server and simply relayed over a standard ethernet to ensure easy setup, high-performance and flawless synchronization between screens.

Luiz Ferreira, CEO at Thinnetworks, Userful's distributor for the solution in Brazil, says "We've been testing the solution with our solution, with our MiniPoint Ethernet and USB hardware extensively over the past year and have had live pilot sites running the Userful video wall 24/7 since June. It's been rock solid. The Userful 4k Network Video Wall is going to revolutionize video wall installations. Now any customer will be able to afford a high-performance, feature-rich video wall."

Unlike traditional solutions, the server can be securely and conveniently placed anywhere in the building. Management, screen configuration and the intuitive video wall builder is all done through a browser-based application accessible from any device, making it quick to setup and map content and applications to multiple video walls.

The solution is perfect for public displays such as lobbies, retail stores and exhibits plus interactive uses such as control room video walls, briefing centers, broadcast centers, and team dashboards. The exceptionally robust zero client devices are ideal for demanding digital signage environments such as high-heat kitchens in quick service restaurants or outdoor applications.

Userful is launching an exclusive trial program for select Video Wall resellers, AV distributors and reviewers, with limited trial kits and an introductory webinar on Thursday, November 13, 2014. Register for the webinar or request a trial kit now.(call sales at 1.866.873.7385, ext 795).



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