Public Computing Pricing

A turnkey solution managed through the cloud that is easy to set up, manage and monitor. It gives a rich and flexible desktop experience to the end user.

Deploy locked down public computers in libraries, schools or any public computing environment. Our virtual desktop solution is customizable and fits perfectly to your needs.

Complete the pricing form on this page and one of our Account Managers will call you towalk you through the software features and answer any of your questions.

Over 15 years of public computing experience

Userful includes over 40 applications in 30+ languages. Users can surf the web, catch up on work, do their homework, or just play games.

There’s even a large-print option for those with vision impairment.

Userful reduces the cost of purchasing public computers and reduces the time IT staff spend managing and maintaining them. With a full suite of self service tools it also saves time and headaches for front desk services staff.

What people say about us

Userful is the best system designed for connectivity with the outside world in public access computing. ,

-Norma Kula, Library Director, Monroe County Library System

In terms of set-up it was pretty much plug and play, virtually effortless.

-Norman Langlois, General Manager, Hillcrest Hotel

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