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New Release

Modernizing Corporate Digital Signage

Userful is the leading software PaaS provider in Enterprise AV-over-IP

Simplifying the management of large-scale corporate digital signage with new interactive kiosk capability, upgraded robustness and security of endpoints and streamlined Enterprise user management.

Key Updates

Interactive kiosk signageSimplified for large-scale projectsUpgraded security Streamlined user Sign-on
What's New in 11.1

New Features & Functionality

App-Based Emerald Signage

Create interactive kiosk signage with the Emerald Signage app. This update improves bandwidth consumption and brings forward and store capability for offline playback so your signage can stay on even if a connection is lost.

  • Interactive Kiosk Signage
  • Offline Playback
  • Forward and Store
  • Audio Support
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Robust End-to-End Management

Userful's uClient application supports LG Commercial Smart displays running webOS and or any display with Userful’s certified uClient adapter which also offers remote display management, locked device mode for robust endpoint security and remote-reboot for easy troubleshooting from any location.

  • Locked-down Device
  • Remote Reboot
  • Audio for On-premise Server
  • LG webOS
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Enterprise Single Sign-On

Increase security and manageability of Enterprise users and streamline user log-in with SAML.

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