Low Cost. Flexible. Stunning. Take a look at the Userful Network Video Wall.

Video walls are a powerful way to command attention and engage your audience, however, traditional video walls have proven expensive to deploy and complicated to support and manage. Userful is solving these challenges with a better approach to video wall installations. The solution utilizes a single Core i7 PC to support 4k video in real-time on video walls of up to 25 screens, resulting in a simple and flexible solution with unprecedented affordability.

Unique and Stunning.

With Userful, the PC supporting the video wall can be placed anywhere on the network, and can even support multiple video walls. The solution offers ultra-high definition video content and support for 3D content at 4k resolution, and HTML5 at up to 6k resolution. Userful’s Network Video Wall includes easy-to-use management software to configure video walls in simple grid formations, or eye-catching artistic layouts with individual display rotation and the ability to place displays anywhere on the canvas.

Flexible & Simple.

Userful has partnered with Rise Vision to provide a flexible and reliable video wall content management system that anyone can setup and manage with ease. Being able to create high-quality content that is simple to manage is essential to all video wall users. Rise Vision is a digital signage content management system with a wide range of features to meet any digital signage need with the simplicity that businesses want. With Userful integration, Rise Vision also now supports 4k content to create stunning video walls at a low cost.


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Userful’s support website provides instructions on how to add Rise Vision content to a Userful Network Video Wall.

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