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Software giveaway lets you share your computer this Christmas

Calgary, Alberta (Dec 18, 2005) - Need an extra PC around the house this holidays? Userful is giving away its innovative software that effectively gives you a second computer for free. This is the perfect way to reduce line-ups for the computer as guests, relatives and children crowd your house this holiday.

Userful's Desktop Multiplier software effectively turns one computer into many, enabling a single computer box to support multiple users at the same time. Simply connect a extra monitor, USB keyboard, and mouse to your standard computer box and this software makes it possible for two users work on the same PC at the same time.

"The free two-user giveaway doubles the utility and value of your existing computer with minimal cost," says Tim Griffin, president of Userful. "In fact if you already have an extra monitor and keyboard, it's like having a free computer for Christmas. This extra workstation is particularly helpful over the holiday season when there just aren't enough computers to go around."

Userful is giving away its eco-friendly software to show how much un-tapped value lies hidden in today's Desktop PCs. "Everybody loves to give at this time of year," says Griffin. "Its also a time of year when there are never enough PCs around the house. Maintaining an extra PC is a lot of work, and not everyone can afford a second home PC. We saw an opportunity to help make a difference. We're hoping that people will see how well this software works at home and start recommending it to their workplace or school as a way to save on IT costs."

Userful's Desktop Multiplier software can create up to 10 independent workstations from a single standard PC box. Organizations typically deploy multiple of these boxes supplying hundreds of desktop workstations at very low cost. Userful's software is being used around the world in schools, libraries, call centers, and other businesses and consistently creates dramatic savings on desktop computing costs as a direct result of reducing the number computer boxes that need to be purchased and maintained.

The free two-user licenses distributed under this promotion enable users with an extra video card (or a dual-head video card) to add an extra workstation by simply plugging in a spare monitor, USB keyboard and mouse. Thousands of users have obtained free two-user licenses and information about the promotion from products/free-2-user in the last two days. There are two free downloads available, one for users already running Linux, and a set of install CDs for users who want to install the software on a blank hard drive or a new computer.

About Userful

Userful's products provide robust platforms to deliver cost-effective multi-user Linux desktop workstations to public computing venues world wide. Userful's Desktop Multiplier software is included in its DiscoverStation to deliver up to 10 Linux workstations from just one standard PC. Founded in 1999, Userful's strong growth is fueled by vigorous demand for public computing and desktop Linux world wide. Userful continues to gain momentum in a market anxious for affordable alternatives to traditional computers. Userful was recently named Alberta's 15th fastest growing company under $20 million in revenue. Userful is a privately held company.

About Userful

Userful makes it simple and affordable for organizations to drive and centrally manage intelligent interactive displays from video walls to digital signage, to desktops, to touch-screens and beyond with exceptional performance, unique flexibility and the lowest cost on the market.

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