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Software Gives Resellers Ten-To-One Advantage On Desktop Computers


CALGARY, AB (March 8, 2005) - Userful has made the Linux desktop ten times more compelling and affordable with their Desktop Multiplier software, which quickly turns a single ordinary PC into a network of up to ten workstations.  After three years of selling the Desktop Multiplier software as part of an integrated hardware/software solution, Userful has released Desktop Multiplier as a stand-alone software product that installs easily on top of all major Linux distributions.  Desktop Multiplier software is now available for global distribution, and as a free trial download.  Userful's Desktop Multiplier software installs quickly and easily, and gives Linux a ten-to-one advantage over competing platforms.

Tim Griffin, President of Userful, said, "Desktop Linux offers real business advantages, but it is a disruptive change and until now it has lacked that "killer app" that compels businesses to switch.  Desktop Multiplier is that killer app - our ten-to-one advantage eliminates any uncertainty about Linux's TCO advantages.  We have yet to find a business that is not excited about getting a ten-to-one advantage on their desktop PCs.  The release of this powerful software is going to be one of a handful of factors that ratchets up Desktop Linux adoption over the next two years."

Formerly available only as an integrated hardware-based solution, Userful's Desktop Multiplier software is now available as a simple software add-on to increase the overall cost-effectiveness of the Desktop Linux.  By simply installing extra video cards into an ordinary computer box, Userful's Desktop Multiplier software instantly enables up to ten people to work simultaneously at fully independent workstations using regular monitors, USB keyboards and mice.

Userful is an independent software vendor that has been selling their unique Desktop Multiplier software since 2002.  Desktop Multiplier software is compatible with current versions of Novell Linux Desktop, RedHat Enterprise Linux, Fedora Core, Sun Java Desktop, Suse, and Mandrake, and creates a powerful and compelling enhancement for any Linux desktop deployment.

About Userful

For the past three years, Userful has been transforming the world of desktop computing with their unique 1-Box Desktop Multiplier software. Userful's innovation of turning one computer into ten has earned them the status of technology leaders in desktop computing, and has recently been named one of Alberta's fastest growing companies.  With this ten-to-one advantage, Userful has gained a strong presence in the public computing market; with the mission to become the dominant platform for affordable desktop computing worldwide.

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About Desktop Linux

Linux on the desktop has grown significantly over the past few years and is gaining worldwide acceptance.  The annual growth rate of Linux has been increasing over the past three years, from fifteen percent in 2001 to forty percent in 2004.  In addition, the market in which new and redeployed PC's run Linux is forecasted to grow to $10 billion and 17 million units by 2008, with an installed base of over 42.6 million units.  Growth in desktop Linux will be particularly strong in key international markets where public government endorsements and policies are boosting visibility for Linux and open source.