Technology Partners of Userful Certified Zero Clients

These partners build and offer Userful certified Zero Client devices.


Atrust produce a variety of zero clients certified for use with Userful Multiplatform such as the m200/m202. The shared resource solution is perfectly suited for educators and small businesses. It reduces TCO and improves efficiency while staying environmentally friendly.  Learn More


Centerm is a leading manufacturer of thin and zero clients in China. The Centerm C75 is an Ethernet-connected zero-client device that is designated for resource sharing systems and is compatible with Userful Multiplatform.  Learn More


PHiStek develops and manufactures zero client display products for the retail and hospitality industries. PHiStek USB and Ethernet monitors and Ethernet device are tested for use with Userful Multiplatform software.  Learn More


ThinGlobal MiniPoint Easy series offers USB multiterminal monitors and devices certified for use with Userful Multiplatform software. The MiniPoint Easy series are specially developed to maximise efficiency and convenience.  Learn More


ViewSonic video wall solutions with zero client devices are the perfect solution for companies that demand a flexible, affordable, high-performance video wall experience.  Learn More

DisplayLink partner

DisplayLink USB graphics technology enables shared resource computing via a standard USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 cable using zero client devices. DisplayLink virtual graphics for Userful Multiplatform makes zero client computing a breeze for any organization. Zero client computing is a champ at providing low-cost, easy-to-oversee computing in classrooms, smaller businesses, libraries, and other group settings.  Learn More

Elite Silicon

Elite Silicon specialises in USB to LAN SoC chips, providing a simple and low-cost way to attached all USB device to the Local Area Network. Elite Silicon based Ethernet connected zero clients are certified for use with Userful Multiplatform, and provide a high performance shared computing experience for 20+ users per host PC.  Learn More

Silicon Motion

Silicon Motion, a long-time Userful partner on multihead video cards, now offers a USB 3.0 zero-client chipset called Lynx USB. Learn More


SMSC, a leading provider of USB and Ethernet solutions, now enables graphics over USB 3.0/2.0, Ethernet and/or Wireless transports in shared resource computing environments with its Viewspan™ technology. SMSC graphics solutions empower OEMs to create highly versatile, high performance and low cost Userful Multiplatform zero client devices.  Learn More