9 Chapters

1. What you should know before buying a video wall

Before you invest a single dollar, ask yourself these 8 key questions to help ensure you make good investment decisions.

2. Video wall controller, processor, scaler or none. What do you really need?

Do you need a video wall controller or processor or can you just use displays. We walk you through the key factors to consider in this important decision.

3. Compare and contrast: Video wall controller vs processor

Know the pros and cons of the many different approaches there are today to both video wall processors and controllers. New technology has built upon and vastly improved old approaches.

4. LED, LCD, Projectors or TV's: What's the best option for your video wall?

Quality and costs are major factors which can influence which displays will be used. But you also have to consider the video wall placement and audience.

5. Video wall mounts

You need to ensure all displays are evenly placed, level and have no gaps. If you go for the wrong mounts, you may well spend significantly more time trying to adjust the displays. Worse still you may not even be happy with the results. Get informed. Read our tips.

6. 10 Questions to ask your video wall vendor

Before you choose a video wall vendor, check out these questions. They’ll help ensure your deployment is a smooth and successful one.

7. Video walls for control rooms

Simplicity and ease of use are important factors in choosing a video wall for a control room. You need to ensure that operators can easily use it or you will significantly reduce ROI.

8. Product comparison

Check out these three charts which compare specific solutions based on specific video wall use cases.

9. Learn more about Digital Signage, Control Room and Office video walls

Watch one of five pre-recorded webinars about video walls for the most common and popular use cases.