Top 7 Ways to Sell More Video Walls

Demand for video walls is growing, but new technologies and increasing customer expectations around performance, price and functionality mean system integrators need to work hard to remain competitive. Here are the seven things you can do to ensure you increase video wall sales and how Userful can meet your needs every step of the way.

1. Ensure you have price on your side.

Historically, video walls have been expensive, and many customers still think of them as high end and complicated. While we know that video walls no longer need to be complicated or expensive, by finding a cost-effective solution, you can quickly reassure your customers they won’t break the bank.

The Userful Way...

Userful Video Wall keeps costs down by using standard PC parts and hardware. A computer, a network and a zero client on each display. Userful’s software turns any PC into a video wall controller for a highly cost-effective complete solution. Wondering just how cost-effective? Here at Userful we’re so confident our prices are the best on the market anyone can download them from our website whether for a control room video wall, an artistic video wall or small grid video wall.

2. Meet all of your customers’ needs.

One of the challenges with selling video walls is the wide variety of customer requirements that have forced a lot of system integrators to juggle multiple video wall systems in order to meet all of their customers’ needs, creating unnecessary overhead. Be sure to find a solution that allows you to sell one single video wall platform and be cost-effective for just about any deployment scenario.

The Userful Way...

Userful Video Wall uses the same software regardless of whether it’s a 2x2, a 1x8, a 5x5, an artistic video wall, or a solution for a control room. It is a single solution that can address just about every video wall need, but has a pricing model that allows it to be competitive at every level. Your sales, support and operations team only need to know one video wall solution, greatly simplifying your operations.

3. Think about high value and ROI.

For digital signage, a single 55-inch display in a public space just doesn’t command the attention it used to. Ensure your customers understand what it takes today to capture audience attention. A public space needs a stunning video wall—maybe even an artistic wall—to turn heads today. For a control room application, too many organizations are having trouble justifying the high price tags of some video wall solutions. They don’t see the ROI. You can change that equation by delivering a solution that meets their needs at a lower than expected price.

The Userful Way...

Many customers know the benefit of a video wall, but the problem with their ROI calculation is often the cost and complexity of video walls. Userful makes it easy to deploy and manage a video wall, and makes it cost effective. If you’ve seen video wall projects disappear because of the price tag and the customer’s ROI calculations, Userful can help.

4. Avoid complicated equipment.

We’ve all seen it before: coils of cables, or a pile of video cards and extenders, all leading to the ugly back-end of a video wall. Customers today want a clean and simple solution. The arrival of network-based video walls that use standard PC parts and hardware mean you can present a customer with a video wall with a back-end that looks like their existing network-closet—clean, manageable and understandable.

The Userful Way...

By running the solution through the network, Userful ensures a clean and simple operation. Equally important, the PC that runs the video wall does not need to be close to the video wall, which makes it ideal for high traffic or hard to access locations.

5. Step away from proprietary hardware.

Many legacy video wall solutions use expensive controllers, high-end video cards and AV industry hardware. In an age of commoditized PCs and software based solutions across AV and IT, customers are justifiably concerned about proprietary hardware builds, their cost, the risk of delays to service. Software-based solutions are now available to address the challenges of video walls utilizing standard PC parts and hardware. This drives down price and ensures customers have flexbility in choice.

The Userful Way...

Userful uses a standard, off the shelf PCs from global manufacturers like HP and Lenovo. As a result, whenever you bid on a new project, you can assure your customers they will recognize everything going into the solution.

6. For digital signage applications: Leverage artistic video walls.

In an age when video walls are becoming more common, customers want to stand out in the crowd, and artistic video walls are an ideal way to accomplish this. Customers can use different displays at different angles to attract attention and speak to the uniqueness of their brand or message. If your customer is looking for a video wall, chances are they want to really stand out, and an artistic style ‘art wall’ is a great way to do this.

The Userful Way...

Userful offers customers the option of rotating individual displays to any angle, or rotating the entire video wall to any angle. It supports placement of displays anywhere on the canvas and supports overlapping displays, allowing customers to design an eye-catching video wall that speaks to their brand.

7. Think about the future.

A long-lasting and flexible video wall is important. Digital signage customers will want to upgrade the content, control room customers will want to add more inputs. You’ll have a leg up on the competition if your solution has the flexibility to grow with the customer. While some customers may never want to change their video wall, every customer will like the idea that it’s possible.

The Userful Way...

Userful Video Wall offers unparalleled flexibility. A software solution means features keep getting added. The simplicity of the PC based hardware approach means additional components can be added as needed. The fact Userful can use the same hardware for just about any video wall configuration allows you to reassure your customers that you’ve got them covered today and in the future.

Userful Video Wall is the ideal platform to help anyone increase video wall sales. If you would like to know more about how it will help you follow this advice and win more video wall business, please email or call 866-873-7385 (+1-403-289-2177 ext 1).

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