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Transform a Space, Engage Your Audience, Create an Experience with Artistic Video Walls

Artistic Video Wall

Digital signage is a key medium for engaging customers, delivering a message and promoting a brand, but it can go beyond this as well.

Increasingly however, digital displays are being used to create an exciting, engaging and unique aesthetic.

Today you can use displays to transform a space to create an experience whether that’s for shoppers, sports fans of diners.

Today when people talk about using digital displays in ways that are functional, engaging, visually stunning with an aesthetically pleasing experience, the term used most often is “techorating” which is a mash up of between technology and decor.

It’s about integrating display technologies, digital signage and even projection systems with the overall decorative theme of a room to create an experience, transform a location, engage with an audience and there’s no better way to do this than an artistic video wall.

Video Wall featuring Tiger Nightclub Statue
“There is a statue of a tiger in our nightclub, is not square, it has some curves and angles, so I was looking for a video wall that I could position any way I wanted”
(Wesley Longo, Manager at Tiger Nightclub)

When transforming a space, a single display isn’t enough.

A single digital sign may seem a simple, non intrusive way to incorporate digital technology, but there are displays everywhere today.

People are used to seeing screens on every wall.

Today if you want to truly engage your audience you need a series of synchronized displays.

This can be individual screens that synch to provide a unified canvass and image or they can be more traditional video walls.

Video walls today provide an unparalleled range of possibilities.

You can now mix a variety of displays into the same video wall, mix different aspect ratios--have a video wall that includes 1:1 screens as well as 16:9 screens.

You can rotate your video wall and not just the video wall but individual displays within the video wall.

You can overlap displays.

You can deploy multiple video walls and then synch those video walls.

Or you can synch individual displays with a video wall.

Anyone looking for something unique on the public display or digital signage front needs to look at what video walls today can do.

Anyone looking to change the ambiance and aesthetics, and create a unique experience should consider the capabilities of video walls like Userful’s.

The very nature of a video wall is to really capture people’s attention.

Video walls came about because a single display wasn’t enough to capture and command attention.

Now with so many video walls out there, to really capture attention, to grab an audience, engage people, to transform a space into an experience, an artistic video wall or series of artistic video walls is ideal.

For more about how the Tampa Bay Lightning NHL hockey team employed Userful video walls to help transform the fan experience read this case study and check out this video.

Considerations when Deploying Artistic Video Walls

One challenge when deploying an artistic video wall is to ensure the video wall you deploy and the content you put on it works with the space.

Video walls are often deployed as upgrade projects, they’re rarely thought of when the building is in the planning stage.

If you’ve got a retrofit project or a situation where you’re looking to modernize the space, you’re at risk of having the display's contrast or conflict with the space aesthetic, instead of complementing it.

Think about content and display lay out together and consider your goals for the space. Remember to be forward thinking.

Consider not only what you want to day but in the future as well.

When designing the layout of the video wall keep in mind what you may have to do to create content for it in the future.

If your lay out sticks with a roughly 16:9 aspect ratio, you’re going to have an easier time finding content.

If you’re committed to always creating your own content, be sure you've budgeted for this, but it will give you more freedom in design--the video wall can hold to a largely 1:1 aspec ratio etc.

Banner Video Wall at Smokin' Joes' Bar
“When I saw the way that [with Userful] you could manipulate the displays any way that you wanted too, I thought that was pretty fascinating… I really really wanted to build an [Artistic] video wall”
(Brian Duarte, Managing Partner at Smokin’ Joe’s)

Userful can make it easier for you.

Userful’s got years of experience designing, deploying, supporting and consulting on artistic video wall projects.

Userful video walls can be arranged in just about any artistic layout imaginable, with odd angle rotations, mix of display sizes and aspect ratios, and truly create unique, stunning video walls that will really engage your audience.

With Userful a single PC can support up to 100+ displays giving true design freedom.

Displays can be arranged sparsely across the space and then can be synchronized to strategically show content and deliver the message.

Deploy displays wherever you want and yes even individual displays can be rotated then synchronize whichever displays you want, when the content requires it.

With this approach you can create an immersive experience surrounding your audience with a view from some other place, even some other world.

Digital displays turned into artistic video walls can help transform a space, build a compelling aesthetic, engage an audience, create an experience for customers.

Just about anything is possible if you’ve got a video wall with enough flexibility.

Userful gives designers and content creators a full palette of options to create the most engaging and stunning of video walls to transform a space, to techorate, to engage with an audience and create a unique on site experience.

Incorporating displays into a space can be challenging, even more so if the tools you’re working with limit you, rather than empower you.

Video walls are truly engaging, and they become more engaging when they complement the space they’re deployed in.

To do this, designers need solutions like Userful so they can let their creative minds run free.

Artistic Video Wall Webinar

Watch this 15 min pre-recorded webinar and demo. Learn how Userful makes it easy and cost effective to deploy stunning artistic video walls.

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