Current Video Wall Not Working the Way You Want It To?

We can fix that in a hurry, for a lot less than you might think...

Upgrade Your Video Wall

Userful enables you to upgrade your video wall without replacing your displays or mounts, and without all the disruption that comes with that.

The best way to deliver more functionality to your video wall, address new requirements, or fix problems in your existing set up is a Userful video wall upgrade.

How It Works

Userful works with any displays and connects to those displays over the network allowing you to keep your existing display infrastructure. Leave the existing displays in place and take the following simple three steps:

Need An Upgrade?

Check out our top 10 signs you might need a video wall upgrade!

Purchase a standard PC and Userful software

Userful software includes a locked down operating system and video wall management software, it’s everything you need for a high performance easy to manage video wall.

Ensure your network operates at gigabit capacity

If it doesn’t or if you want Userful to run on an isolated network, add a switch and cat5e cabling from wherever you’ll store the Userful PC to the video wall.

The Userful software purchase includes a single zero client receiver for each display

Connect the zero client receiver to the displays using HDMI and to the PC over the network.

Everything is managed via a browser. The entire solution can be controlled either through the cloud or directly on the PC for deployments without internet connections.

As quick as that, you’re up and running with the easy way to do video walls.  And because you’ve kept your existing display infrastructure, you’ve done it at a fraction the cost.  Want to know exactly how much it will cost? Userful’s pricing is all available online.

What will you get with this upgrade? Userful’s packed with features to ensure you’ve got all that you need for your specific use case:

  • Flawless synchronization on video content up to 8k source resolution.
  • Bezel correction tool to ensure images look flawless across your video wall no matter how many screens or in what configuration.
  • Support for up to 100+ screens.
  • Support for displaying multiple content sources simultaneously using zones, Multi-window and Picture-in-Picture support for maximum configuration flexibility.
  • Cloud management (upload content remotely, interact with the video wall remotely).
  • Schedule changes to the content and video wall lay out (Zones, sources etc).
  • Display of just about any content from video on the hard drive to network streamed sources, browser delivered sources, desktops from the network, content captured via HDMI or SDI and much more.
  • Real time and interactive content, no presplitting or preparation of content needed no matter the resolution.  Display a web browser, a desktop or a video all in real time.
  • Best of all you get an easy to use solution with a drag and drop interface that anyone can manage.  
Ready to get started with your video wall upgrade?
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