Userful Desktop™ Cloud Managed Computers

Easily manage and lockdown desktops and end-user computing devices from a browser!

Userful Desktop™ is a complete cloud computing solution that pairs a secure user interface with an easy to use management website so administrators can monitor users, configure and manage computers, update applications, and generate usage reports, all from an internet browser.

Userful Desktop supports just about every type of computer including zero clients, desktops, laptops/netbooks, and even refurbished computers. This ensures a unified management and reporting tool and consistent end-user experience and across multiple hardware platforms.

Log into a Customized Experience and not just a Computer Desktop

Available content and applications can be targeted to users based on their login type. Users don't just log into a computer, they login to a session tailored to their particular needs. Optional internet filtering can also be set to the appropriate level for each user.

Hardware Options

Userful Desktop can be used on just about every type of computer, but when combined with zero client devices, can further lower costs, energy consumption, and administrative burden. With zero client devices available from a broad range of manufacturers, Userful software enables dozens of users to work from a single regular PC or server, each with their own monitor, keyboard and mouse.

Cloud Management

Administrators can easily customize the look, feel and functionality of each computer station across all locations. Setup every computer station to be identical, or setup multiple station types without manually updating each computer; it's all accessed from a single website, and all settings are saved in the cloud.

Changed Your Mind? No Problem!

Hundreds of configuration settings can be centrally controlled and easily changed at any time. If you want to completely reconfigure the computers in any location, you don't need to re-image, test, and redeploy the stations. Simply log into the management website, and make and save the change you want in just a few clicks. You can change all computers in all locations at once, or change only a specific set of computers.

Usage Reports

If you want Userful Desktop collects usage statistics and data on your fleet of desktops giving administrators access to customizable reports in real time. Track system up-time, desktop usage, and assets connected to the PC (to reduce the chance of theft). Quickly identify problem areas and report successes. It even tracks your carbon savings generated by your use of zero-client.

Automatically Up-to-Date

Userful Desktop checks every few hours for software and configuration updates and downloads them automatically. Your applications and settings are always up to date, depending on the needs of the user.

Real-time Control on Location

Userful's optional Remote Monitoring and Control feature enable staff or administrators within the branch location to monitor and control all computers on the network (LAN) in real time from their browser. Staff can see a screenshot of each users desktop, and remotely assist users if any problems or questions arise. This tool is perfect for teachers in a classroom environment, or librarians or staff managing a public computer access location.

Secure Desktops, Locked down and Trouble Free

Locked-down and tamper-proof, Userful Desktop ensures each user sits down to a clean, intuitive and consistent interface. When a user logs off the station is completely reset to the pre-defined configuration and cleared of any browser histories and downloaded files. Administrators never need to waste time cleaning up or fixing problems created by users.