Customizable desktops and applications

Patrons can take advantage of a variety of desktop workstations with applications to meet the unique needs of each user. Administrators can customize desktops for kids with fun and educational games, workstations with large print for users with visual impairment and job-seeking stations with office applications and links to job banks, among many others.

Secure, locked-down computing experience

With many patrons using one public computer in a day, it's important to provide the proper security to each user. Only administrators have access to change desktops and can create unique sessions for each patron that resets for the next user. Desktops can also be configured to have limited browser access and secure internet browsing for children.

Features to meet every patron's needs

Userful Desktop allows any organization to add on a range of software features to improve efficiency and productivity of desktops. Features include timed computing sessions, pre-booking stations, print management, and cost-recovery settings.

Simply manage from the cloud

Power up to twenty desktops, touch screens or digital signs that are all centrally managed from the cloud. Administrators can make changes to the look and functionality of any or all desktops from any device through a browser-managed control center, or pull usage reports to see how desktops are being used.