Video of Userful Desktop used in a Costa Rican school

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A school library in Costa Rica is providing twenty-first century learning to students with Userful Desktop virtualization solution. Witness how access to high-performance desktops at an affordable cost is transforming the school and its students for the better. Watch the video.


Warsaw Public Library: a Userful case study in the USA
Warsaw Public Library
Indiana, USA
Warsaw Community Public Library saved thousands of dollars in IT costs and time with Userful Desktop.

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Canalta Hotels: a Userful case study in Canada
Canalta Hotels
Canalta Group, headquartered in Drumheller, Alberta, develops and operates hotels and restaurants throughout Western Canada.

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Coquitlam Public Library: a Userful case study in Canada
Coquitlam Public Library
Coquitlam Public Library used Userful Desktop to save staff time and keeping systems current.

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Hillcrest Hotel Coast Resort: a Userful case study in Canada
Hillcrest Hotel Coast Resort
Hillcrest Hotel, a Coast Resort, pleases guests and staff with headache-free computer and Internet access while generating extra revenue.

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Canadian Forces: a Userful case study in Afghanistan
Canadian Forces
Canadian Forces uses Userful software to boost morale of Canadian solders in Afghanistan.

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