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Userful Donates Multiplied Linux Desktop Software to Support 'Let's Play a Million' Campaign

CALGARY, Canada - 22 June 2007 - Canada-based Userful Corporation has teamed up with Omni Technology Solutions, Novell South Africa, and Pinnacle Micro to provide Multiplied Linux desktop computers for the "Let's Play a Million" South African telethon on June 27, 2007.  Each of the telethon locations will be equipped with a five-user Linux Desktop.  Using Userful's Desktop Multiplier software, the single computer will allow five operators to work at the same time to enter pledges using just one PC.  The national telethon is a joint initiative of UNICEF, Supersport, the Department of Education of South Africa and five South African radio stations.  The objective is to donate a million soccer balls to South African youth and promote child survival through sports and healthy living.

"Novell is proud to partner with Omni and Userful to provide affordable Linux desktops for this event.  After the telethon, the computers will be donated to schools and further empower South African students", said Garry Hodgson, OEM Business Development Manager for Novell South Africa.  "Not only does the Multiplied Linux Desktop Strategy help bridge the digital divide, it delivers a more affordable and environmentally-friendly desktop alternative for South African schools," continued Hodgson.

"Userful is proud to contribute to this initiative." said Tim Griffin, CEO of Userful. "this campaign will show the powerful impact that simple but practical ideas can have in improving the lives and education of youth. Interestingly Userful's software is about just that: a simple but powerful technology that, by turning one PC into many, improves access to technology, and reduces the environmental footprint of computers."

For more information on the Desktop Multiplier on Novell SLED and OpenSUSE, go to: http://www.omni-ts.com/linux-desktop/
For more information on the Desktop Multiplier and other Userful products, go to:  products/

For more information on the UNICEF "Let's Play a Million" promotion, go to:

* UNICEF South Africa: http://www.unicef.org/southafrica/media_3537.html

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