World Water Day Logo 2013World Water Day 2013 is on March 22nd. Did you know? Userful Multiplatform, the latest software release from Userful, helps businesses and schools make 'greener' computing choices, and can save buckets full of water! With Userful Multiplatform, it's possible to power 20 computer stations with just one host PC or server, which can save the over 18,000kg of water that would be used to manufacture 20 individual computers. That's equivalent to 74,000 cups of water, or enough to provide drinking water for 9000 people for a day! 


Also, on March 23rd, it's time again for Earth Hour, where the whole world comes together to raise environmental awareness -- and to shut off all non-essentEarth Hour 2013ial lights at 8:30pm for an hour. Making smart choices can not only save the planet, but saves money! Powering many computer stations with just 1 host PC or server, allows Userful Multiplatform to reduce electricity usage for our customers by up to 90%, which is both great for the environment and for their pocketbooks. Electronic waste is reduced by 80%, decreasing the environmental footprint left behind by computer waste and out-of-date electronics. If only 1% of the world's computers were powered by a Userful zero-client computing solution, it would be like taking 26 million cars off the road or planting 37 million acres of trees.