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Userful's Multi-user Linux Solution Showcased at Linux World Mexico Reducing Costs of Implementing Desktops by 70%

With the Desktop Multiplier, Mexican school districts, universities, police departments and healthcare centres can save millions of pesos deploying their desktops.

MEXICO CITY, February 13, 2006 Userful's partner Omni Technology Solutions Inc., introduced the Desktop Multiplier for Novell Linux Desktop into the Mexican market earlier today at LinuxWorld Mexico. The Desktop Multiplier, powered by Userful, allows as many as 10 users to share a single desktop computer. This Linux-based solution reduces the costs of deploying traditional desktops by eliminating nine out of every ten physical computers and the software, maintenance, electricity and other fixed costs that go along with them.

"We are pleased to work with technology partners like Omni," says Oscar Pérez Millán, Educational Channel Manager and Technical Services Manager for Novell Mexico. "As our educational customers migrate to Linux and Open Source, the Desktop Multiplier can provide a very cost-effective option to implement desktops running Novell Linux Desktop or SUSE 9.3."

"We are grateful for the support of Novell Mexico and Protech International, our Authorised Partner in Mexico City, in launching the Desktop Multiplier in the Mexican market," says Trevor Poapst, Channel Manager for Omni. "The Desktop Multiplier is ideal for computer labs, classrooms, libraries, call centres, police departments, medical clinics y government departments."

The Desktop Multiplier outperforms thin clients and Blade servers at a fraction of the cost. Omni has made a Total Cost of Ownership Calculator available on-line that calculates the hardware, software, management and electrical cost savings of deploying multi-user desktops. For example, a school district that needs to implement 1,000 deskstops could save $1,237,236.60 US by using the Desktop Multiplier. A 30-workstation computer lab running the Desktop Multiplier would cost $16,180 US compared to $52,350 US for traditional, single-user workstations.

For more information about the Desktop Multiplier for Novell Linux Desktop, visit the Novell Booth at LinuxWorld Mexico (Centro Banamex, February 14-17, 2006) or visit:   www.omni-ts.com/linux-desktop/

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About Userful

Userful's products provide robust platforms to deliver cost-effective multi-user Linux desktop workstations to public computing venues world-wide. Userful's Desktop Multiplier software is included in its DiscoverStation to deliver up to 10 Linux workstations from just one standard PC. Founded in 1999, Userful's strong growth is fueled by vigorous demand for public computing and desktop Linux world wide. Userful continues to gain momentum in a market anxious for affordable alternatives to traditional computers. Userful was recently named Alberta's 10th fastest growing company under $20 million in revenue. Userful is a privately held company.

About Omni

Since 1999 Omni has created a portfolio of management, mobility, messaging and Linux desktop solutions for Novell GroupWise, eDirectory, NetWare, Novell Linux Desktop and mixed Microsoft and Novell networks. Omni has a team of over 120 Authorised Resellers and Partners that distributes its products world-wide.   www.omni-ts.com