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Simplify Your PC Upgrade

If you're looking to deliver exceptional computing, but save huge on budgets and time, then you'll be happy that you're considering Userful Multiplatform during your PC upgrade.

Desktop virtualization (VDI) has long been a proven approach to reducing PC costs. Even still, shifting to VDI was previously unaffordable and too complicated unless you had a huge IT team. Not anymore.

We've designed Userful Multiplatform 7 desktop virtualization software to solve complexity and high costs. We've focused on making it the simplest and most flexible VDI available. Anyone can get set up in minutes, not hours, even with limited IT skills. You can even deliver multiple desktops from one computer, including Microsoft™ Windows, cloud-client, Linux and remote desktops. We also know that you expect extraordinary rich multimedia and video performance. So we've included that too.

Three Desktop Trial Kit for New Deployments

Userful Multiplatform is already the lowest cost VDI solution available but we also have a trial kit to help in your consideration. Just $199 for each station in a 3 station kit, plus an extra license for your host computer. That's 3 extra desktops for only $597!

The trial kit includes everything you need to get started with three desktops.

What's in the kit?

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